Thursday, March 15, 2012

Windy Afternoon

On a windy afternoon, me and althaf walking around with cycling,it's really very refreshing amid some very disturbing recent weeks, yes my husband and I are starting a small business by selling futsal shoes and kids shoes, with brands nike, adidas, Date sneakers, quicksilver and others, original with a cheaper price than the official store
  And the problems that we experienced there, some of our stock held until today, had three weeks of the items we ordered has not arrived and are still stuck the JNE, one of freight forwarder
I tried to call JNE almost every day, e-mail to JNE customer care but until now there is no definitive answer, arghh this makes me  frustrated, but each of us tries to do something new, there may be barriers we passed,and this is now happen to us :)
-Nike sweat jacket,unbranded pants,bata sandals-

1 comment:

  1. hahahha si altaf nurut banget ya suru gaya..
    dipakein tu jaket jadi kaya hyun bin ri..
    pa lagi jaket yang sparkling biru itu deh,,

    love altaf,, so cute