Sunday, January 16, 2011

the beach near our house.

Had been almost a month we moved to a new place, precisely to the new town, my husband was working in one of government department in which he must often move from one city to another or even nearly round the country

In this city quite a lot of interesting places, right near town and close to our house there is a beach which is a stretch of the northern coast of Java, this beach is part of the city, and became a favorite place for most residents here to spend time with family and friends, either at day or night.

First got word to move, despite being nearly often we experience it, because this is a move a third time, but every time it’s happen, it's like a new challenge again, we have to adapt again and of course meet new people and new environments too.Ithink this is an adventure, so we'll enjoy it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I found her blog a few months ago,and she really gives me inspiration,how to wear hijab in a stylish way,she is a designer Hana Tajima Simpson,which has a clothing line Maysaa.She is mix it japanese style with the british style,and it turns out cool.When I tried to myself maybe this would look a little weird,well it's only inspiration,so i must find my own style,more genuine and described my self, not just fashion but the Signature Style. And here is some of  Hana Tajima style

I think she looks simply but so stylish and edgy..hmm combines a simple color in a good way. 
Want to know more about her,visit this: